I have officially decided that I am going to fast everyday I am not running until I run my half marathon. I will then do a 7 day fast, and see from there.

I run Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Sunday’s. Which means I will be fasting Monday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s, and Saturday’s. 

Someday’s I may not be able to fast, depending on events with food that I cannot get out of but I will keep my toothbrush and laxatives near by. 

Race day is October 23, 2012, hoping to be down to at least 95 lbs by race day.

  1. queerprince said: baby, no! you need to build muscle to run! not burn it! you need to eat MORE before a big race! if you still want to fast, fast after, but not before, darling! <3 I don’t want you to get hurt, dear
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Forever Fat.

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